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Educational Programs:
  Environmental Education  |  Group Building  |  Outdoor Education/ Recreation 

Environmental Education is a natural at the Ebersole Center.  The Center's 158-acre site was chosen because of its unique natural features that provide opportunities for "hands-on, minds-on" science education.  Students discover aquatic life by sampling muck from Jackson Lake, then looking for small creatures with a hand lens or microscope.  They can stand among towering hardwood trees and feel the presence of nature in a forest that has reached the peak of succession.  Learning touches their hearts as well as minds and makes science come alive.

Over thirty environmental education lesson plans are available to help teachers get the most out of their Ebersole experience.  These lesson plans encourage student learning that directly translates into an understanding of essential science education goals established by the State of Michigan.

An entire learning experience can be built around environmental education program components, or groups can choose to combine group building or outdoor recreational experiences with environmental education.  Environmental Education groups usually visit the center for 3 or 4 days.  

Some of the most popular Environmental Education courses at Ebersole are: Water Ecology (Pond Study), Birding, Owl Study, Adaptations, Forest Ecology, and Ecosystem Study.  Many other courses are available as well.

3-day schedule

Team Building ActivitesGroup Building/ Outdoor Skills  activities are especially designed to help people learn that by working together they can overcome all sorts of obstacles.   The Ebersole Center offers three different "low risk initiatives" courses to appropriately challenge younger children, teens, or adults as well as a variety of other team building activities.

As groups encounter these activities they attempt a series of physical and mental challenges that can only be solved by working together as a Canoeing Jackson Lakegroup.  A facilitator helps guide the group to discover through practical experience that each person is valuable and that different people have different strengths and weaknesses.  Most of these courses take place outdoors and help create an atmosphere of adventure that encourages new experiences and understanding.

Some of the most popular Group Building courses at Ebersole are: Half-Day Canoe Trip, Adventureland, Teams Course, Survival Skills and Orienteering.  Many other courses are available as well.

Outdoor Education / RecreationArchery  activities encourage people of all ages to have fun outdoors.  In the summer there's canoeing, fishing, and archery. Hiking is fun in any season, and so are campfires or stargazing.
Nearly any program will include components of outdoor education or recreation activities that make the Ebersole experience special.

Some of the most popular Outdoor Education/ Recreation courses at Ebersole are: Canoeing, Archery, Fishing, Yankee Springs Hike, Lake Michigan Trip, Fur Trading, Cross Country Skiing, and Snowshoeing.  Many other courses are available as well.

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