Ebersole Center in all seasons

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Campus Facilities and Features:
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Buildings: Main Lodge

Buildings blend with the natural landscape at the Ebersole Center. Designed from the ground up as an environmental education center, facilities are clean, comfortable, and modern, yet unobtrusive. All buildings and most trails are barrier-free and accessible to those with special needs.  Dining RoomLocated far from city lights, stars light up the night sky, yet campers can come back to warm buildings with hot showers.

The Gladys Olds Anderson main lodge is home to the center office, clinic and infirmary, 60' x 60' multipurpose room and dining hall, and full service kitchen. The main lodge has two large fireplaces, a p.a. system, and audio/visual equipment. There's seating for up to 250 for meals or presentations.

Classroom BuildingThe David Schulert classroom building features four classrooms with specialized science study equipment. Each classroom seats 30 people and is ideally suited for presentations or hands-on activities. Microscopes, specialized animal study props, and other technical equipment not found in most school classrooms is Bunksavailable at the Ebersole Center. Whether examining pond slime under a microscope, dissecting an owl pellet, or imprinting designs on a leather medallion, there's a classroom just right for your activity.

Two modern dormitories have 120 beds each giving the center a total sleeping capacity of 240. Each dormitory is divided into four quadrants with 14 bunk beds in each. In addition, there are two semi-private staff rooms in each dorm. Bathrooms have ceramic tile floors, hot and cold running water, and modern fixtures. Dorms even have a washer and dryer for groups to use.North Dormitory

The Ebersole campus is a bridge to the natural world, modern safety and comfort on the edge of wild natural beauty.

Forest in SummerNatural Features:canopy

Picture a hardwood forest with towering trees reaching far into the sky. Spring wildflowers flourish here followed by the lush green of summer. It is a place where time stands still, original nature undisturbed by humankind.

Marsh MarigoldsThink about a crystal clear lake with no houses on the shore. Canoes are the only craft to glide across its surface and fish swim just below. It is home to a variety of animals, some passing through, others staying all year; herons, geese, muskrats, turtles, frogs, cranes, and even swans.Pitcher Plant

There's also a fen, a freshwater meadow, rare and unique with unusual plants that are becoming harder to find anywhere in the world. And if you've ever wanted to feel the presence of prairie grasses over six feet tall, just visit the Ebersole Center in late summer.

The Ebersole Center site is 158 acres of undisturbed natural beauty and exceptional biodiversity. Over a mile Hepatica in Bloomand a half of accessible boardwalk trails invite all people to enter wetland and forest areas alike, even those who use a wheelchair or have difficulty walking. While the Center campus is clean and modern, every effort is made to preserve natural areas in the most pristine state possible.

People enjoy the Center site for a variety of reasons. For school children it is a great place to study the natural sciences in a "hands-on, minds-on" way. For conference groups it is peaceful get away far from the hustle and noise of the city. For nearly anyone it is an inspirational place to connect with nature, to renew, refresh, or feel for the first time the wonder and awe of our natural world.



Click here to download a printable Ebersole Center trail map (PDF format)

This aerial view (below) shows the Ebersole Center buildings at right, along 2nd street.  Jackson Lake is also visible as are the docks at the lake.  The lighter colored lines around the lake are some of the accessible, boardwalk trails.
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