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Teacher Planning Forms

A collection of forms formerly provided as a packet for teachers.  Now available here as a whole or as individual pages.  These are provided to help teachers or other group leaders organize their trip to Ebersole.  All forms are in .pdf format and require [free] Adobe Reader to view.  get Adobe Reader  If you need forms in an alternate format (.doc, etc.), please contact your naturalist.

Entire Planning Packet: (328KB) (contains items 1-19 below) or download each item separately:  Please Note "Volunteer For All Seasons" handbook is not included in this packet, but can be downloaded separately.
  1. Greeting Letter from the Naturalists
  2. Program Planning Checklist: A checklist to help facilitate planning an Ebersole Program.
  3. *Visiting Staff Training:  The State of Michigan requires that all visiting staff take part in pre-visit staff training.  This includes information and expectations for adults who are attending Ebersole as instructors and chaperones.  A supplemental handbook for visiting staff and chaperones is also available: "Volunteer For All Seasons" as is a State published guide to camper behavior management.  We also have a few videos available on YouTube that may help with this.
  4. *Group Roster: The State of Michigan requires that Ebersole have an accurate group roster on file at all times while a group is in residence.
  5. Activity Group List: Groups need to be divided into smaller activity or study groups for the various activities at Ebersole.  This form can help.
  6. Bunk Assignments:- Most groups assign each person a bunk.  This can help by keeping students with specific needs near an adult or near the restrooms.
  7. Daily Dorm Cleaning Assignments:  Having children assigned to specific cleaning tasks can help keep the dorms tidy and make departure day cleanup much easier.
  8. Departure Day Cleaning Assignments: Most groups choose to clean the Ebersole Facilities themselves as a way to teach responsibility and keep costs down.
  9. Departure Day Cleaning Checklist:  A checklist to make sure the Ebersole buildings and campus are left in an appropriate condition.
  10. Dining Hall Supervisor Duties: Each group must have at least one adult assigned to supervise meals- to help distribute food, make sure students are getting enough to eat, but not wasting food and to help supervise clean up after meals.
  11. Table Assignments: Most groups choose to assign tables in the dining room so students and adults know where they are sitting.  Dining room tables each seat 6 unless arranged in advance with the Ebersole Center food service staff.
  12. Resource People: a list of outside people available to lead supplementary activities such as storytelling or campfire sing along.  Resource people charges are in addition to regular Ebersole program costs and must be scheduled well in advance.
  13. Field Trip List: a compilation of nearby offsite trips that can be scheduled.  Most trips need to be scheduled in advance and greatly depend on availability of transportation.  Other charges may apply.
  14. Supplemental Supply/ Replacement Cost List: Supplemental materials available at Ebersole and respective charges, if any.
  15. Sample Schedule:  A sample schedule for a 3-day group, but can be modified for a 4 or 5-day group as well!
  16. Dear Parent Letter:  A letter for parents giving background information for a child's trip to Ebersole Center.  Also included is a list of suggested clothing and equipment each student should bring to Ebersole Center.  Also includes what NOT to bring.  Also feel free to encourage parents to view our online YouTube videos for more information about Ebersole Center.
  17. *Student Health History Form:  Each student is required have a completed form on file at the Ebersole Center office no less than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled visit.  (2 sided- usually printed on green paper)
  18. *Adult Personnel Form:  Each adult teacher/ chaperone (18 years and over) must complete this form and submit to the Ebersole Center office no less than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled visit.  (usually printed on pink paper)
  19. Souvenir Store Price Sheet updated!:A form to help group leaders know what store items their students would like to purchase.  It lists most of the items available at our store and their current prices.  Not all groups visit the store.  It is up to the individual teacher/ leader.  Store item availability and prices are subject to change.

*denotes materials required by the State of Michigan: Department of Human Services

Additional Teacher Information not included in above packet:

  • "Volunteer For All Seasons":  supplemental handbook for visiting staff and chaperones.
  • "Positive Approaches to Managing Campers": - A guide to camper behavior management- published by the State of Michigan.
  • Campus Facilities Map:  A map showing the placement of the various buildings, Lake, and Trails at Ebersole Center.
  • Directions to Ebersole:  A map showing the best routes to take to get to Ebersole, as well as a link to Google directions.
  • Funding:  With school budget cuts, many groups are finding it more challenging to pay for camp.  We are compiling helpful funding ideas here.  Please share your own as well!

*Are there other forms or information you would like to see here?  Please let us know!

Informational videos about Ebersole Environmental Center are available on YouTube:

Video produced in October 2009 by Lansing Cable Channel 21:
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCIOUaFxfHQ

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyHCe4X2ySc

Older Video Produced in Fall of 1999: "Environmental Education and Group Building"


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